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I'm honestly not sure if it'll live up to anyone's expectations. I'm not sure if I've waited too long. I have a lot of insecurities since, frankly, I'm out of practice, but, here we go anyway...

PLEASE NOTE: This does not mean that the story is going to be posted right now. I am stuck to my guns that it will be coming out sometime between now and December 2011. Hopefully sooner than later though. MUCH SOONER.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, as I am nervous, chewing off fingernails, and holding my breath in hopes that SOMEONE is still interested in this story after such a long drought.

So PLEASE PROVIDE ALL FEEDBACK HERE. (You don't have to be an LJ member to provide feedback.)

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Yes, that's a counter, bc I'm curious. So since I SEE YOU, why don't you take a second to tell me your thoughts? Even if it's a "You suck" or "Yay"! (And again, ANYONE can comment.)

EDIT: YES to everyone who's asked and wants to know: Ragweeds will continue. I have not given up on it. Promise.
Tags: !announcements, fic: the ex factor, fic: the next factor
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