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Just a few reminders, in case anyone didn't see the last sneak peek:
1) The story isn't coming out just because I'm giving sneak peeks. I'm not giving an ETA. I'm stuck to my guns on saying somewhere between now and December, but hopefully much sooner.

2) YES, TNF will be posted on FanFiction.Net. But the sneak peeks will be posted here on my LJ. (=

3) Yes, I plan to continue Ragweeds.

4) If you want to be my friend on LJ, I don't mind but please GO HERE and leave me a comment. If you send me a pm, I cannot send you one back if you do not have it set up to receive messages, so this way, it's just a hell of a lot easier to keep track of. ;)

5) No, you do not have to be a member of LJ to comment here and provide feedback, so PLEASE DO. It means a lot to me, especially with these droughts, to know who still cares, what your predictions for TNF are, what you think is going to happen after the sneak peek, etc. IT MATTERS. I take everyone's thoughts into consideration. So PLEASE PROVIDE ALL FEEDBACK HERE. (Note: If you're getting a "time-out error" when you try to comment, please try again later. I don't know what is going on w/it.)

6) Special shout-out to all of my readers on Twitter, who not only follow me, but keep me motivated, RT my announcements, ask me questions on my Formspring account about TEF/TNF, and basically, just keep me on my toes. I adore you all. Thank you.


Tags: !announcements, fic: teaser snippet, fic: the ex factor, fic: the next factor
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