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To all my readers (the question asked on Facebook)

For those who don't have facebook and want to know what is going on, this is the question asked there:

Hey guys. I have a question and before anyone jumps to any wild conclusions, please understand that I'm only curious as to where everyone stands with me.

I know that you guys are being patient with TNF and I appreciate your patience and support and encouragement every single, believe me. It's on my mind every day. But with the non-stop questions received at my other accounts (ffn, tumblr, formspring, twitter, and lj, mainly), about if I'm working on TNF at all or if it's ever going to post and specific dates... I was wondering, or fearing, actually -- if TNF is "too late", or if I decided one day to just not put it up and let it go and post other things I've been working on, like Ragweeds and new story ideas, would you guys continue to read other things I put up in the future, or are you only around for TNF, that's it, that alone? Would you be too upset bc you might feel you've been led on too long with TNF just to be let down? Would you worry anything else I started wouldn't be finished?

Again, I haven't made my mind up on anything, and I'm still working on TNF, but this is just something I've thought about for too long now, and feel I need to ask. If anyone can be honest with me, that'd be awesome and appreciated. Thank you so much. I adore all of you. *group hug*

Facebook Discussion Link to ADTEF:!/home.php?sk=group_65233163962&id=10150210600728963¬if_t=group_activity

Please answer truthfully. Thank you.
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