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13 October 2025 @ 06:27 pm

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please comment here to request a friendship add.
There are three very simple rules I have, when requesting an add. Please read this thoroughly, and there shouldn't be any problems.Collapse )

All Posts: Open 3 days - 1 week before going F/O, unless announced otherwise
ALL NEW GRAPHICS: Can be found at my new community ---->>>>> lacedtocrown .

12 December 2015 @ 01:13 pm
It's about that time... Okay, yeah, this is about three years overdue, but hey! It's done now! ;) I know this isn't half of it, but it's where I frequent the most, so I hope the list will help you like it has done me. (And if you can think of anything I have forgotten, or if you have a site to recommend, post in the comments and I'll be sure to add it in here.)

In HereCollapse )
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For those who don't have facebook and want to know what is going on, this is the question asked there:

Please answer truthfully. Thank you.
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