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30 November 1984
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you're on fire when he's near you
Everything inside you knows there's more than what you've heard.Angela. 26. Taken. Proud Floridian and Fangirl. I love to write, and I enjoy making graphics and videos. I am a hopeless romantic with an addiction to angst and a bit of the dramatics. Reading is second nature to me; I love the feeling of getting lost in a good book. I adore the YA/Dystopian genres best but will read anything with a plot that doesn't fall through the bottom. (That goes with reading --> and writing <-- FFn as well.)

I am someone that is dedicated to and passionate about my ships and my friends and will defend them until the death. I know how to have fun and my blonde roots tend to show frequently. I don't take things too seriously unless it's time to do so. If you cannot find me at one of the links provided here, look for me over at the dark side. It's much more fun there, and I am willing to share all the cookies, except for the chocolate ones. NO EXCEPTIONS. ;)
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